The story

Emma was determined to find a company that could produce her fine art prints to the highest quality.

Pennybatch Galleries who use St Cuthberts Mill paper fulfilled her exacting criteria.

White frame Prior Park landscape in Bath, Somerset


St Cuthberts Mill paper makers are local, set deep in the Somerset countryside and surrounded by an abundance of British wildlife.

White frame panda

Hand finished paper

Paper making is a skilled job, undertaken by skilled craftsmen, who have learnt their profession from years of training.

White frame rhino

Handmade frames

Her frames are sourced from a framer based in Bath that she’s used for the last 9 years. Each frame is lovingly handmade ensuring the best quality.

Farm and domestic animals: two dogs

Paper quality

Water is a vital ingredient for papermaking, and the River Axe provides a clean source of water, which has been naturally filtered through the limestone in the Mendip Hills. The water has the highest level of classification for cleanliness and biodiversity.

Only pure raw ingredients are used to guarantee the highest grade of archival papers. Pulps and cotton linters (a machine for removing the short fibres from cotton seeds) are specially sourced for their purity and performance.

Environmentally friendly

It really appealed to Emma that the mill doesn’t use any hazardous chemicals. The materials are screened to ensure minimal environmental effect. Pulps are sourced from sustainable sources; no rainforests are harmed, and their cotton linters are an annual crop which are a by-product from the textile industry.


Emma uses St Cuthberts Mill paper. St Cuthberts Mill is fortunate to have one of the few remaining Cylinder Mould Machines left in the world. It is now over 100 years old, and was originally built in 1907.

The Mill makes paper in harmony with the local countryside. No hazardous chemicals are released into the nearby river, and there are large quantities of wildlife living in tandem with the mill. The location boasts a wide variety of wildlife which includes ducks, trout, pheasant, buzzards, foxes, badgers, roe deer, rabbits, heron, kingfishers and woodpeckers.